Build Xastir from source 2.0.9 GraphicsMagick problem

OK, for every one having a problem with compiling Xastir from source on Debian Linux and get stuck with Graphicsmagick lib which is needed to use Xastir with image files e.g. JPG….

All the steps You need to follow are on:

BUT, in order to avoid:

checking for GraphicsMagick-config… /usr/bin/GraphicsMagick-config
checking GraphicsMagick/magick/api.h usability… yes
checking GraphicsMagick/magick/api.h presence… yes
checking for GraphicsMagick/magick/api.h… yes
checking for WriteImage in -lGraphicsMagick… no
configure: WARNING: *** Cannot find GraphicsMagick library files: Building
w/o GraphicsMagick support. ***

Installing binarys from repository do not work!
(It’s late and I can’t dig into why)

Another step must be done:
As stated in INSTALL file for 2.0.8 located at:

5a. OPTIONAL: Install GraphicsMagick support.

Download the GraphicsMagick sources from:

Uncompress/un-tar them…

tar -xzvf Gr*

Change directory to the newly created GraphicsMagick directory and

cd Gr*
./configure –with-quantum-depth=16 –enable-shared
su -c ‘make install’
su -c ‘/sbin/ldconfig’

EDIT: Referencing bug report as pointed out by Joe AA3GN in comment:

Skip the next step (5b) as you only need ImageMagick support installed if
you _don’t_ install GraphicsMagick.

After compiling GraphicsMagick from source You can go back to directory You were
running “../configure” for Xastir and run it again. Xastir should now be compiled with
GraphicsMagick support:

Built-in map types:
gnis USGS GNIS Datapoints
pop USGS GNIS Datapoints w/population
map APRSdos Maps
pdb PocketAPRS Maps

Support for these additional map types has been compiled in:
geo Image Map (ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick library, many formats allowed)
geo URL (Internet maps via libcurl library)
geo URL (OpenStreetMaps via libcurl library
Copyright OpenStreetMap and contributors, CC-BY-SA)
shp ESRI Shapefile Maps (Shapelib library)
xpm X Pixmap Maps (XPM library)
tab MapInfo TAB
mid MapInfo MID
mif MapInfo MIF
ddf Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS)
rt1 US Census Bureau TIGER/Line
s57 International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) S-57
dgn MicroStation DGN


Displayed as MAP is a JPG file taken from a Republic Hydrometeorological Service.

73, YT7FMS


2 thoughts on “Build Xastir from source 2.0.9 GraphicsMagick problem

    1. Hallo Joe!
      Nice finding, missed this back then. Referenced it in the post.
      Thank You very much and I’m happy You got it working.
      73’s, YT7FMS


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