ARRC (Amateur Radio Repeater Controller)
This program can be loaded into ATMEGA328 and the like Arduino boards.
It is written to be used for radio signal repeaters whose receive radio station does not have dedicated digital COS/COR signal. When an audio signal is present on Arduino’s analog input it sets one of its digital I/O’s to HIGH state. This signal can then be led to a transistor or optocoupler to put a repeaters TX station in transmit mode.


  • Time Out Timer
    Overall time for which the repeater is allowed to be in TX state. It resets on every clean TX stop.
  • Cool Off Time
    Time for which the repeater will be in idle state and will not TX after the Time Out Time value has been reached.


To Be Added

Reset itself before approx 50 days so that millis() do not overflow to ensure the program works properly.


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